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Typical gas power station efficiency

Total Efficiency


Is Gas Environmentally friendly? 


Natural gas is a finite resource which is used in many countries to produce electricity.  It is not renewable in the same way solar and wind is as we cannot make more of it or rely on an infinite amount.  There are ways that natural gas can be more environmentally friendly though, as the Vitovalor will replace a low-efficiency heating and hot water system it will reduce consumption.  Vitovalor produces electricity at a higher efficiency than a traditional gas-fired power station and does that as a by-product of heating the home.  These gas-fired power stations produce the equivalent of 500-900 grams of co2 per kWh they produce.  The Vitovalor produces only 220g Co2 per kWh. Untill these gas power stations are all shut down the Vitovalor will save the planet at least 280g of co2 for every kWh it produces.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

What's more, if you get a green gas contract, which uses sources such as anerobic digestion your homes carbon footprint could be almost non existent.

What government incentives and grants can I benefit from with my boiler/ CHP Installation?

The main incentives consist of the following;

-Potentially reduced VAT rate.

-SEG, the Smart Energy Guarantee is being rolled out across the UK as we speak and will pay you for every kWh exported. 


How does it work?


The Vitovalor has only the same connections as a standard combination boiler.  Heating, hot, cold and gas pipes.  It splits the natural gas into Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide molecules, the hydrogen is then used to create heat and electricity through a fuel cell process.


Is it dangerous?


Hydrogen can be dangerous when stored in volume. However, Vitovalor PT2 does not store any Hydrogen, once it has been created it is used instantly ensuring there is no danger.


What's the cost of a Vitovalor PT2?


Of course all installations are different and we would never commit or expect our customers to invest without a full survey and home energy calculation to maximise your savings and return.


Prices start from £12,500 and we have some customers with bespoke systems specified at over £20,000.  These are not cheap but the savings, incentives and reliability of the product make it an unrivaled home energy solution.

As you can see prices vary a great deal, please use this estimate form and we can give you a much better indication.


How big is it?


  A standard Vitovalor unit needs an installation space of about 650mmx1250mm and is approximately 2m tall. This won't fit in your kitchen cupboard.  It is ideally suited to a utility room, garage or if you are fortunate enough, a purpose made boiler room.


Total Efficiency


Vitovalor average efficiency


How can I benefit from Vitovalor?


If you have an old boiler, cylinder or both, Vitovalor will reduce your fuel costs as well as qualify you for multiple incentives.  We will happily give you a free estimate for the ten-year costs and savings. Please contact us here if this is of interest to you.


Can it do underfloor heating and radiators?

Absolutely, it can replace any modern gas boiler, and much much more!


How much hot water can it provide?


The Vitovalor is compared to a 250l unvented cylinder, this means it is capable of providing for an average to large family home at high pressure.  Usage above this can be catered for with an upgrade.


Will my gas bill go up?


Unless you already have a new Viessmann weather compensated boiler your gas bill will not go up.  Although the Vitovalor burns a tiny amount more gas than it's little brother the 200 range, it is vastly more efficient than older boilers and even modern competitors. In any case, the large reduction in electricity bill would negate any tiny increase in gas consumption.


How long does it take to install?


Again, all systems are bespoke but anything from two days.


What does the guarantee cover?


Viessmann cover all parts and labour within the fuel cell for breakdowns and failure for ten years.



What other advantages are there?


Being less reliant on the grid, less reliant on dirty power stations and having your own production facility.  Vitovalor also allows you to accurately forecast the long-term heat, hot water and electrical costs for your home.  This makes you more resilient against the rising cost of electricity. 


What is PPA?


PPA stands for a Power purchase agreement.  This is an agreement between two parties, it could be the homeowner and another energy user, or home owner and energy provider.  The homeowner could sell their unused self-produced energy for a profit.  It could also be an agreement between an installation company and a property owner.  It will give you a way to maximise return on investment.

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We will be happy to provide a free consultation with 10-year payback forecast and quotation of installation cost.
We are also happy to give an estimate based on the following questions, but will always conduct a full site survey before conducting any work.