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Based in Surrey & Hampshire, and partners nationwide

Say goodbye to traditional fuel costs. Using Viessmann Vitovalor CHP you can be paid to generate electricity via SEG whilst also benefiting from high-efficiency heating.
​​​​​​​All backed by a 10-year warranty.

Get paid to have an efficient home!
​​​​​​​What's to lose?

Who are VitovalorInstallers?

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As Viessmann Partners, we specialise in the effective design and efficient installation of Viessmann Vitovalor PT2 combined heat and power central heating boilers. Based in London, Surrey, and Hampshire.  Vitovalor Installer was formed as a result of a passion for the product, and in recognition of the benefits it brings to our customers.

What is Vitovalor?
The Viessmann Vitovalor is a domestic combined heat and power unit which generates electricity as a by-product of producing efficient heating and hot water, using hydrogen fuel cell technology. The unlimited hot water produced is delivered at high pressure and ErP A+ rated due to the low storage volume and rapid recharge time. The weather compensated heating it provides is ErP A+++ rated and due to its proactive nature increases comfort. 

Recent EU grants such as PACE funding, and incentive such as SEG, have made the Viessmann Vitovalor system accessible to all in the UK market. Even giving the possibility for your heating system upgrade to pay for its self within the 10-year manufacturer backed warranty.

Being long-term installers of Viessmann products with a devotion to energy efficiency, we pride ourselves on the effective application and efficient installation of Vitovalor units. We truly believe no one else is better placed to specify and commission your installation and maximise your return on investment (ROI). We also believe that no other current technology is comparable in terms performance, reliability and accessibility for domestic hot water and heating.

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Design your ideal heating system and controls

We will tailor your system to meet hot water demand with high flow rate, high-pressure hot water. The heating system will be specified to fully utilise the A+ efficiency potential. This is achieved by selecting a control strategy to suit your lifestyle and property, but also maximise comfort whilst minimising gas wastage. A healthy electrical yield will be a welcome byproduct of this.

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Install your Viessmann Vitovalor Combined Heat and Power Fuel Cell. With an efficient, safe, professional and competent installation you can ensure will give you the most from the system in terms of performance and efficiency. All this while respecting your property and doing our utmost to minimise downtime.

Supply and Install your Vitovalor system. 

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Monitor Your System 

As well as being able to control your system from your phone, and monitor electrical yield and gas usage. We can perform remote diagnostics and monitor your system to keep an eye out for faults and minimise callouts and downtime.  This can be particularly useful when the property is left unused for longer amounts of time and reactive maintenance time limited.

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Complete all paperwork

We complete all the paperwork required for your install to comply to all relevant standards and secure your guarantee for the next 10 years. As well as boiler grants, guarantees, and warranties.

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Service and Maintain

Our engineers have years of experience with Viessmann products and are perfectly placed for annual service and repair. Preventative maintenance will ensure efficiency and a good electrical yield is maintained.

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Enjoy the security with a warranty

The Viessmann Vitovalor MCHP unit comes with a 10 year warranty parts and labour. Coupled with the 10 year guarantee on the feed-in tariff, you can sit back and enjoy the security of low bills and a reliable system for the foreseeable future whilst also in the comfort that you have dramatically reduced your CO2 footprint. FAQs​​​​​​​

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Interested in being Paid to be efficient?

One of our friendly engineers can visit to supply you with your free, no-obligation quote.  Or feel free to call 0208 088 8282


We will be happy to provide a free consultation with 10-year payback forecast and quotation of installation cost.
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